New Android App

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I have finally got QuickCall, my Android app, to work. I created it due to my dad’s annoyance at HTC People,the HTC contacts app, attempting to merge facebook profiles, gmail contacts and phone contacts into one. QuickCall does exactly what the name suggests – no fancy Facebook/Email/Gmail stuff. Just press “Press to choose number then “Make call”

It’s not in the Market, but I have it hosted and have the QR code here:

Important: To install this, you must go to Settings->Applications and allow intallation of non-Market apps. I recommend you disable this after installing.

QR Code for the QuickCall app

Alternatively, enter this into the browser on your Android phone:

Again making sure to allow non-Market installations.


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Greenpois0n jailbreak tips

So I was rejailbreaking my iPod last week, upgrading from 4.0.1 on Jailbreakme to 4.2.1 with Greenpois0n. Despite several attempts, it would not work. Eventually, after some digging around, I found that when the Jailbreak button lights up, you still have to keep holding Home until it completes. So, it’s jailbroken now, and I thought I may as well post this for anyone having similar problems.